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About Tomeekha

Greetings, I am Tomeekha Pitre. I enjoy hanging out with the great ancestor trees, I adore my plant allies and my green friends. I also enjoy digging into the dirt because that's where the wisdom of root medicine lyes. Now that you know my loves, I will share with you my innate wisdom of the sound of silence and stillness. As a little girl I would sit in silence for long periods of time, listening to the beautiful sounds that silence would expose. Silence became my best friend, my safe space. By the time I was a teenager I began to hear my inner self. This is when I discovered the Me, Myself and I. From this point on, only Me, Myself and I would guide me. I received so many ideas and visions and was guided by my higher, inner and spirit self. When sprite showed up with an action, I quickly obeyed without thought, I just did it and then went back to whatever it was that I was doing. It is in the spirit of obeying my higher, inner and spirit self that I was led to host Silent Self-Realization Retreats for Women of color so that she, too, can tap into her inner wisdom. I look forward to sharing divine space with you at one of our Meek Silent Retreats! 
Peace, Love and Light,
Tomeekha Pitre
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